Announcing Our Partnership with Claims-as-a-Service Provider Claim Technology

We are excited to announce our partnership with Claim Technology, empowering our customers to integrate our solution with other best-in-class technologies.

We’re excited to announce that we have joined Claim Technology’s Tech Partner Program. Our claims management solution (CMS) is now one of more than 50 innovative platforms offering API access within Claim Technology’s insurtech marketplace – giving insurance providers, TPAs, and insurtechs new ways to build automated workflows using our technology.

Claim Technology’s marketplace brings together a wide variety of solutions that can enhance virtually every aspect of managing insurance policies and claims, ranging from front-end customer service and surveys to back-end verification of insurance claims and more. By offering API access to all of these platforms, the marketplace empowers insurers and other insurance-related companies to easily build automated workflows incorporating their choice of these technologies.

Now that Five Sigma has been added to Claim Technology’s insurtech marketplace, it just got easier for our customers and prospective customers to integrate our solution with their core offering and other third-party platforms.

How our partnership can help your company manage and resolve claims

If your company deals with insurance claims, this new partnership offers you an opportunity to accelerate your digital transformation and enhance your digital offering. By bringing together such a wide variety of best-in-class technologies, Claim Technology’s marketplace enables you to build highly automated processes in the cloud through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

This offers you a flexible, modular way to tap into the power of plug-and-play, SaaS solutions and open APIs, which can be deployed in just minutes. And if your company relies on legacy systems, you can add solutions from Claim Technology’s marketplace as a wrapper on top of your existing technologies.

Combined with the ease of use that Five Sigma’s intelligent claims management solution (CMS) offers claims adjusters and other insurance professionals, our partnership with Claim Technology creates new possibilities for streamlined claims management. By using claims data to provide just-in-time guidance and other types of claims intelligence, our intuitive solution empowers even claims adjusters with little professional experience to manage and resolve claims both accurately and efficiently. And with flexible APIs already playing a major role in the versatility of our cloud-native solution, now our partnership with Claim Technology takes the convenience and user-friendliness of our technology to the next level.

In short, our partnership with Claim Technology creates new possibilities for combining the benefits of Five Sigma’s machine learning-driven CMS with the power of third-party platforms. And that means that a more efficient and reliable approach to claims management – a critical factor in the overall success of insurance companies – just got more accessible.

For more on our partnership with Claim Technology, check out our press release.

Oded Barak Co-founder and CEO, Five Sigma
Oded Barak is the Co-founder and CEO of Five Sigma, a leading SaaS Claims Management solution. His previous experience includes leadership positions at Amdocs (DOX), Oteko and an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. Oded completed his MBA at Northwestern – Kellogg School of Management in Chicago. He is a father of three and lives in Israel.
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