Security & Compliance Reports

Stay ahead of the Curve with our Innovative Compliance Technology

Five Sigma’s platform ensures that every aspect of claims management adheres to the current regulations — at both federal and state levels — and sets a new standard for the industry. 

Compliance is in the DNA of our technology, allowing us to preemptively address regulatory changes and seamlessly incorporate them into our platform’s functionality. 

As a result, Five Sigma’s claims management platform facilitates smoother audits and ensures customer compliance at all times, safeguarding their reputation.

Harnessing Google Cloud Platform to Enhance Claims Management Security

Five Sigma harnesses the strength and credibility of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to ensure solid enterprise grade security and compliance for our claims management platform. 

Leveraging GCP’s cutting-edge security infrastructure, Five Sigma benefits from built-in protections, such as robust access control and automatic data encryption both in transit and at rest, ensuring that all customer data is stored and processed with utmost security.

Additionally, Five Sigma utilizes GCP’s compliance offerings (aligned with global standards such as GDPR and HIPAA) in order to process data with appropriate industry-standard safeguards and to comply with the changing regulations.

Advanced Encryption Meets Supreme Data Security in Claims Management

Safeguarding our customers’ data is one of our core values. We employ great security measures, including Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for ultimate data protection, akin to the encryption used by global financial institutions and military bodies. 

This ensures comprehensive security for your data and your claimants’ personal information, both in storage and during transmission. Our platform is continuously monitored for performance and intrusion detection by automatic security tools and a dedicated security team.

Custom Access & Privacy Solutions

Five Sigma manages secured access to the platform using Single Sign On (SSO) and SAML. Adding layers of security, we enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced access control. Out of the box connectors to industry standards like Okta, Google and Azure are easily configurable with no-code. 

Granular level and customizable user permissions allow Five Sigma’s customers to enable specific access to the platform and to certain data and features to specific users or job roles in your claims organization, to make sure data is shared on a “need to know” basis. Leveraging the Five Sigma permissions infrastructure, customers can safely and securely delegate access to their external business partners, as needed.

Our blend of advanced encryption, privacy mindset, and strict access controls ensures that we meet the security expectations of our customers and their legal and compliance teams, providing a secure environment for managing claims data efficiently and with peace of mind.

Benefit from Integrated Security & Compliance in your Operations