Omnichannel Communications

Contact customers directly on Five Sigma platform and log all communications automatically

Replace Notepads & Post-its With An Automated Communication Hub

One of the most grueling tasks for adjusters is manually keeping and updating communication notes. Adjusters need to document their interactions across multiple channels – calls, emails, snail mail, and more – with the policyholder and all the stakeholders involved in a claim – vendors, attorneys, adverse carriers, and others. 

Manually logging communications is not only tedious and frustrating, but also prolongs claim resolution times and introduces compliance risks. The time spent on data entry, coupled with the potential for human error, results in inefficiency. Finding interactions that are scattered across various notes and representatives takes time and negatively impacts the customer experience.

It’s time to streamline your claims communications with Five Sigma

With Five Sigma’s AI-Native, automated platform, you can forget all about communications obstacles you face with legacy systems, and start enjoying a modern communications hub that streamlines your interactions, capturing and summarizing them automatically, and is readily available for any adjuster or compliance audit.

Capture everything, automatically

Five Sigma’s automated platform provides claims adjusters with a comprehensive omnichannel communications hub, which is easy to use and carries out the mundane tasks on its own.

Five Sigma manages and logs all interactions related to a claim across any channel – phone calls, text messages, emails, interactive chats, and even video calls – within a single centralized platform and interface. This allows adjusters to grasp a claim quickly and ensures effective collaboration between all team members on a claim.

Automating FNOL and having Five Sigma filling all the fields in a new claim reduces time to first contact, allows for automatic updates to the customer using their preferred communications channel, and enables insurers to swiftly handle the claim and follow-up interactions.

Elevate your Claims Handling Game with Five Sigma’s AI Features

Five Sigma does more than just capturing communications, it analyzes them using advanced AI capabilities and moves the claim handling forward based on the communications and media received.

Our AI-powered features streamline all communications during the claims handling process, ensuring efficient and effective interactions with the policyholder and amongst the claims team.

Who Needs a Phone?

Five Sigma lets adjusters receive inbound communications directly on the platform, and also lets them initiate all outbound communication easily. 

Whether it’s making voice calls and video calls, or sending emails and text messages, adjusters can do it all without leaving the platform, with all claim data and past communications right before their eyes.

Our built-in communications hub eliminates the need for landlines or mobiles, email clients, and external tools. Adjusters get all communications to the relevant claims file, make all calls and send all email (also using smart personalized templates) from the platform, as they’re processing the claim.

We designed Five Sigma with seamless integration in mind, smoothly connecting all communications channels to the platform on setup using our Plug & Play Integrations and advanced API framework. We connect all emails, phone numbers and chats to the platform, ensuring that all interactions are properly synchronized and associated with the relevant claims.

Security and Compliance

Having all communications conveniently displayed in one place is a big advantage for compliance. By automatically logging and securely storing all customer interactions – including calls, emails, and messages – we make fact checking and compliance audits much easier.

Five Sigma’s automatic capturing and recording ensure that all communications are available for review and can be used later as evidence, or to resolve disputes, in line with industry regulations. 

Five Sigma’s secure digital storage on Google Cloud Platform – encrypted and protected by the latest industry standards – safeguards your information against data loss or unauthorized access, and provides a secure environment that meets privacy and security requirements.

Watch a Panel Discussion

Watch Oded Barak, Co-founder and CEO of Five Sigma, share thoughts on Omnichannel Communications at Insurtech Insights London.

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