AI-Driven Insights & Decision-Making

Transforming Insurance Claims with AI-Driven Solutions

Let the Robots Do the Dirty Work

Built with an “Automation-First” approach, Five Sigma's AI-Native claims management platform enhances outdated processes with technology.

Five Sigma’s platform revolutionizes claim management by providing adjusters with unparalleled clarity of an entire claim. Gone are the days of switching between multiple systems and applications just to get your head around a single claim. Now, full visibility of each claim is centralized in one convenient location – Five Sigma.

Our cloud-based platform consolidates all claim-related information, such as policy coverage, claimant data, notices of loss, claim status, adjuster notes, communications logs, exposures, vendor interactions, payments made, legal actions, and more. Our native AI capabilities also highlight for the adjuster the next steps given the claims’ status and developments.

Claim the Credit for Doing the Right Thing

Five Sigma leverages sophisticated data modeling to provide adjusters with actionable insights at critical decision points. By integrating AI into the claims management process, the platform offers recommendations on various topics, such as picking the appropriate vendors, executing the next step in the claim process, or suggesting the right settlement amount. 

Managers can use our AI to assign claims to team members based on their expertise and current workload, and get real-time and periodical insights on the performance of their claims team. 

Five Sigma’s insights empower executives and adjusters to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing efficiency and quality in managing claims.

Comprehensive Operational Visibility

With comprehensive dashboards and real-time analytics, Five Sigma provides claims managers with unparalleled visibility into their operations:

Track the progress and efficiency of claims handling

Display claim statuses funnel and distribution

Track payments

Monitor key performance indicators, such as cycle times and LAE

Understand customer satisfaction levels

Highlight patterns and potential issues

Suggest opportunities for improvement

Dashbaord & Reporting

Claims managers can use this all-encompassing 360° visibility to improve their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Automated Claim Management Benefits