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Specialty insurance lines of business cater to unique risks that standard insurance policies don’t cover. They often encompass high-risk or highly specialized areas that require a deep understanding of specific risks, tailored coverage solutions, and most importantly – special claims management workflows – to meet their distinct needs.

Key Challenges in Specialty Insurance

The specialty insurance market introduces several significant challenges that your claims management system must address:

Complex Risk Assessment

Specialty lines involve intricate and evolving risks, making accurate risk assessment critical yet challenging. You might be using your bespoke risk assessment systems and not standard ones.

Dynamic Regulatory Compliance

Specialty lines of business are oftentimes heavily regulated with frequently changing laws, requiring insurers to continually adapt their policies.

Unique Claims Handling

The complexity and uniqueness of claims in specialty lines of business demand customized workflows and expert handling, which can be resource-intensive and prone to errors if not managed effectively. Legacy claims systems do not usually invest in accommodating such niche markets.

To address these challenges, insurers require an agile, robust, and responsive claims management platform – Five Sigma.

Benefits of Five Sigma’s CMS in Specialty Insurance

Our cloud-native data-driven claims management solution makes your claims processing simple and smart.

Automated Claims Submissions

Our digital claims management solutions (CMS) provide:
  • All FNOL data received from the insurers/digital channels are embedded automatically into our workflows and ready for the next step in the process
  • Rapid system identification of claim types
  • Automated triage and adjuster assignment

Embedded Omnichannel Communications

Our CMS includes an API-level communication module that supports all types of communications, including SMS, mail, voice video calls, and even WhatsApp. All claims-related communication is documented, stored, and analyzed automatically.

Just-in-time Recommendations

Our systems flag coverage and liability issues and present the adjuster with relevant information and investigative steps within the claims system.

Damage Assessment and Negotiation

The key to effectively negotiating a claim begins with accurate damage assessment. Our CMS includes a digital bodily injury evaluation module to itemize, assess, and aggregate damages.

Monitoring and Management

Based on our advanced data modeling, we enable insurers to monitor your operations and receive actionable insights that will help you make strategic management decisions.

We offer a state-of-the-art claim management platform that is designed to meet the unique demands of specialty insurance lines of business and can be customized easily to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Specialty Lines of Business that Five Sigma Covers

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Discover how Five Sigma can transform your specialty insurance claims management.

In the complex world of specialty insurance, having a reliable and adaptable claims management platform is crucial. Five Sigma provides you the only modern claims platform that meets the unique challenges of specialty lines of business and your specific needs as a specialty insurer