Business Insurance Claims

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Business insurance is designed to protect businesses against financial losses that may occur during the course of their operations. This insurance line of business helps manage risks associated with potential losses such as property damage, legal liability, employee-related risks, and others commercial risks.​

FIve Sigma Supports All Business Insurance Types

Regardless of the Business Insurance types you offer your Enterprise, SME and commercial customers, we’ve got a fantastic platform that caters for each type’s specific workflows and needs:

Key Challenges for Business Insurers

The business insurance market is complex, necessitating rapid accommodation to variable risk factors, depending on the industry, type of business, and specific coverage options.

Inadequate data and outdated claims management systems that cannot adjust to the nuances of business insurance cause inefficiencies and inaccuracies, complicating the claims handling processes, increasing the risk of errors, claims leakage, and financial losses for insurers.

Diversity and Customization

Business insurance claims are often more complex and customizable than in other insurance fields. Companies have varied risks depending on their industry, size, and operations, that require tailored insurance solutions.

Claims Leakage and Rising Costs

The business insurance industry faces significant losses due to inefficiencies in the claims process. Addressing these inefficiencies and reducing loss adjustment expenses is critical for maintaining profitability​​​.

Specific Expertise

Business insurance often involves complex claims that require specialized knowledge, adding to the complexity and workload of adjusters and impacting the accuracy of claim resolution.

Data Management

Leveraging data for better, more precise decision-making is crucial, but many insurers struggle with outdated systems that cannot effectively utilize and reflect all necessary data to improve claims management and reduce errors​​​.

Benefits of Five Sigma’s CMS for Business Insurers

Our cloud-native data-driven claims management solution makes your claims processing simple and smart.

Automated Claims Submissions

Our digital claims management solutions (CMS) provide:
  • All FNOL data received from the insurers/digital channels are embedded automatically into our workflows and ready for the next step in the process
  • Rapid system identification of claim types
  • Automated triage and adjuster assignment

Embedded Omnichannel Communications

Our CMS includes an API-level communication module that supports all types of communications, including SMS, mail, voice video calls, and even WhatsApp. All claims-related communication is documented, stored, and analyzed automatically.

Just-in-time Recommendations

Our systems flag coverage and liability issues and present the adjuster with relevant information and investigative steps within the claims system.

Damage Assessment and Negotiation

The key to effectively negotiating a claim begins with accurate damage assessment. Our CMS includes a digital bodily injury evaluation module to itemize, assess, and aggregate damages.

Monitoring and Management

Based on our advanced data modeling, we enable insurers to monitor your operations and receive actionable insights that will help you make strategic management decisions.

Become a Pillar of Safety and Stability for any Business

Elevate your business insurance game by leveraging the benefits of Five Sigma’s AI-Native Automated Platform

Catering to the claims of many business customers is a costly, resource-consuming effort. Five Sigma’s platform is designed to tackle this challenge for you by automating the claims handling and suggesting the best possible courses of action toward claim resolution.

Watch how Five Sigma helped Qover to reduce unit claims cost by 35% with it’s Automation-First SaaS Claim Management Platform