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Empower adjusters with our AI-Native Claims Management Platform that boosts productivity and cuts cost, fast.


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Experience immediate improvements to your claim management process.
Increase productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in no time.

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Five Sigma All-in-One Claims Management Platform

Transform Your Claims Organization from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

Five Sigma transforms your claims department into a profit center by drastically cutting costs and boosting customer satisfaction. With significant reductions in Loss Adjustment Expenses (LAE) and faster claim handling, cost optimization, and overall operational efficiency. Enhanced customer experiences drive higher renewal rates and loyalty, while data-driven insights open new revenue streams

Embrace the future of claims management with Five Sigma and see immediate improvements to your bottom line.

Automated Workflows

Empower your adjusters to deliver quickly, with accurate outcomes
Our platform guides you through every step of claim resolution, using AI-powered automation to provide valuable insights and innovation. This relieves your team from routine tasks like data entry, document processing, and claims sorting.

Omnichannel Communications

All emails, calls, and chats are captured and summarized
At any claim stage, our embedded communications keep you in touch with stakeholders within our solution. Coupled with diaries and smart workflows, your entire claims team stays informed and adept at handling claims, no matter when they join the process.

Identify and Track Every Action

Gain full visibility to every claim, fast.
Say goodbye to scattered systems, manual copying, and missed communications. All interactions are stored on the claim file, offering your team a comprehensive view at every stage. Access your claims data for custom reports, giving you a clear, comprehensive view of your organization's performance.

Easy Connectivity to Any System

Achieve excellence through data exchange using our API integrations
Our integrated marketplace offers vetted claims innovation and data, streamlining data exchange. Customizable APIs provide loss data to underwriting, enhancing portfolio management and seamless system integration.

You won't understand how you handled claims before Five Sigma...

Equip Your Adjusters with a Powerful Tool and Claim Resolution Super-Powers

The Power of

A Future-Proof Claims Platform

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visibility into claims
data and status
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Empowering The World’s Leading Claims Organizations


"Five Sigma's intuitive platform was a game-changer for us, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We get real-time visibility for adjusters to manage claims efficiently and effectively."
— SVP Head of Claims, Xceedance
— SVP Head of Claims, Xceedance
"Implementing Five Sigma allowed us to slash our unit claims cost by 35%, marking a monumental improvement in our operations. With Five Sigma’s team’s flexibility and commitment, it’s a great match at every level."
— CEO, Qover
— CEO, Qover​

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