Leverage the Power of SaaS to Scale Your Success

With SaaS you can focus on building and scaling your claims operation because we’ll take care of setting up and managing the required secured infrastructure.

The Future of Insurance Core Systems

Insurers today are laser focused on improving operational effectiveness to drive productivity. Claims management is one of these key investment areas and for good reason: A strong claims strategy has a lineal impact on profitability and customer satisfaction. If done right, claims investments should result in capturing significant value.

But with outdated tools, a lack of visibility, and missing insights to underpin smart decisions it can be an overwhelming task. That’s why innovative insurers are considering a replacement of core systems, some of which are decades old, with modern technology platforms that support the requirements of the digital age.

Benefits of SaaS Claims Management

Time to Value

On-premise implementations usually take 1-3 years. A SaaS claims management solution can be deployed in weeks. And you can also quickly and easily add new fields and workflows as you grow.

Business Agility

SaaS applications require less coding and is easy to configure – so you can adapt quickly to market changes and gain a competitive edge.


The flexibility to scale without any effort is embedded directly into our SaaS claims management solution, meaning you can continue to grow, fully supported.


From the moment you decide to implement an on-premise solution, the technology starts to age. With a SaaS solution, innovation is embedded in the service and the ongoing seamless upgrades is keeping it in the forefront of the technology.

Ongoing Management

In on-premise solutions, managing responsibility to maintain the software is in your hands. With SaaS, IT is our responsibility and our clients can rest assured that they’ll have the most updated and advanced solution.

Ongoing Satisfaction

Our recurring pricing model drives us to ensure your ongoing success.

SaaS Delivers the

Best Claims Outcomes

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record time
52 wks
improvement in
time to settlement
0 %
visibillity to claims
data and status
0 %
improvement in
claims cycle time
0 %
improvement in time
to first contact
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to train
new adjusters
24 hr

Transform Your Claims Organization from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

Five Sigma transforms your claims department into a profit center by drastically cutting costs and boosting customer satisfaction. With significant reductions in Loss Adjustment Expenses and faster claim settlements, our platform improves operational efficiency. Enhanced customer experiences drive higher renewal rates and loyalty, while data-driven insights open new revenue streams

Embrace the future of claims management with Five Sigma and see immediate improvements to your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions on our Cloud SaaS Platform

Why buy a cloud-based SaaS solution?

Implementing a SaaS solution provides the insurer with out-of-the-box functionality that can be quickly deployed, a flexible pricing model (OPEX), the oportunity to expand gradually without investing in advance or dependance on IT – so you can focus on your core business.

Being a true SaaS solution, there is no claims limit per customer and no limit in the number of adjusters per insurer.

Why Choose Five Sigma SaaS Claims Management Solutions?

We simplify claims management for insurance carriers, MGAs, TPAs, and self-insured companies using AI, data modeling, and automated claims processing workflows. Our customers use our SaaS claims management solution (CMS) to modernize their claims operations, improve accuracy, and heighten productivity.

Deployed within weeks, our CMS automates the claims process and offers recommendations and real-time insights based on claims data, allowing claims adjusters to focus on providing excellent customer service and make smarter business decisions.