360° Claim Visibility

Master Your Claims Process with Complete 360° Visibility

All the Data – At Your Fingertips With the Click of a Button

Five Sigma’s platform revolutionizes claim management by providing adjusters with unparalleled clarity of an entire claim. Gone are the days of switching between multiple systems and applications just to get your head around a single claim. Now, full visibility of each claim is centralized in one convenient location – Five Sigma.

Our cloud-based platform consolidates all claim-related information, such as policy coverage, claimant data, notices of loss, claim status, adjuster notes, communications logs, exposures, vendor interactions, payments made, legal actions, and more. Our native AI capabilities also highlight for the adjuster the next steps given the claims’ status and developments.

How does 360° visibility improve adjusters’ workday?

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Reduce the time spent searching for data across multiple systems.

Increased Accuracy

The likelihood of errors due to oversight or incomplete data is significantly reduced.

Communication log

Easy access to the complete history of conversations with policyholders, to seamlessly pick up where the last interaction left off.

Efficient Decision-Making

When all relevant data is accessible in one place, adjusters can make informed decisions quickly.

Great customer Service

Prompt and accurate responses to policyholder inquiries.

Automatic Logging instead of Paper Notes

Adjusters can take notes digitally on Five Sigma. Also, when initiating communications on any channel directly on the Five Sigma  platform, automated capturing of all communications related to the claim are recorded on the platform, including transcribed phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Recorded communication allows for automatic compliance and searchability of interactions with policyholders and vendors. This enables adjusters to understand previous interactions quickly, make informed decisions, and improve customer experience. In case of disputes, all correspondence is documented and well organized. 

Communication logs on Five Sigma also contribute to accountability in the claims process. They allow claims managers to monitor and assess the quality of interactions handled by their adjusters. This is useful for identifying training needs, ensuring best practices, and maintaining a high standard of customer service.

Real-World Success Stories

Watch these testimonials to see how Fiva Sigma’s innovative approach to claims management is leading insurance companies toward operational excellence.

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