Five Sigma December 21, 2023

Embracing Best-of-Breed Technology: A Game Changer for the Insurance Industry

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, the insurance industry is at a crossroads. Old systems, once hailed as the pinnacle of innovation, are increasingly showing their limitations. In contrast, the best-of-breed approach emerges as the beacon for forward-thinking insurance companies. Even so, many insurance companies resist the pull of best-of-breed technology and instead remain committed …

Five Sigma January 11, 2023

Cyber Insurance: How to Successfully Manage Cyber Claims

Discover how an intelligent claims management solution enables cyber insurance companies to successfully respond to and manage cyber claims, to mitigate the impact of a cyber loss.

Michael Krikheli January 4, 2023

Insurance Claims Software for 2023: New Types of Coverage Call for New Claims Technology

The insurance landscape is changing quickly. To keep up, insurers and insurtechs need AI-powered software that will continue evolving along with their needs.

Five Sigma December 15, 2022

FNOL: Optimizing the Claims Process Starts

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is the initial report to an insurance provider following the loss, theft or damage of an insured asset. Here’s what insurers should consider to optimize claims FNOL and ensure customer loyalty.

Five Sigma November 29, 2022

How Claims Systems are Keeping the Catastrophe out of Catastrophe Claims

As the insurance industry faces increasing losses from natural catastrophes, see how the right claims system can help you handle sudden influx and large volume of claims.

Five Sigma November 9, 2022

Bringing Pet Insurance to Heel with Intelligent Claims Management

Discover how an intelligent claims management solution enables pet insurers to increase adjusting efficiency, improve accuracy, optimize decision-making, enhance customer satisfaction, and more.

Michael Krikheli October 31, 2022

Introducing Our Embedded Performance QA Tool for Evaluating Claims Adjusters’ Performance

Our new Performance QA tool offers claims leaders a streamlined, data-driven way to monitor and evaluate adjusters’ job performance.

Oded Barak October 19, 2022

Streamlining Medicare Section 111 Reporting for Insurers: Announcing Our Partnership with Verisk

Our platform’s new integration with Verisk’s MSP Navigator uses automation to help insurers comply with Medicare reporting requirements reliably and efficiently.

Michael Krikheli October 6, 2022

Claims Management Just Got More Efficient and Flexible for TPAs

We just launched a new set of no-code tools for third-party administrators, making it easy for them to configure and customize our platform for their clients.

Oded Barak August 23, 2022

Announcing Our Partnership with Claims-as-a-Service Provider Claim Technology

We are excited to announce our partnership with Claim Technology, empowering our customers to integrate our solution with other best-in-class technologies.

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