Five Sigma March 27, 2023

What All Claims Organizations Need to Understand About APIs

APIs are an essential component of modern software development, and they can especially help claims departments optimize their performance. Here’s why.

Five Sigma February 16, 2023

How to Use Data Analytics to Optimize the Claims Process

Data analytics holds the key to a more efficient insurance claims process. Discover how to harness the power of data to improve efficiency, accuracy, and customer service.

Michael Krikheli December 4, 2022

How Insurance Claims Dashboards Package Helps Insurers Battle Economic Downturn

Now claims leaders get all the data and insights needed to improve their time to resolution, control indemnity expenses, and reduce claims leakage. Learn more.

Five Sigma October 24, 2022

Raising the Bar with Intelligent Claims Management

Intelligent claims management software imports, collects, stores, and updates all data, including claims-related communication in one database.

Five Sigma September 29, 2022

How Claims Intelligence Improves Pain Points for Insurers

With a wealth of actionable data at insurers’ fingertips, claims intelligence can help them assess risk, detect fraud and reduce human error in the claims process, eliminating pain points for their businesses and the insured alike.

Michael Krikheli September 21, 2022

New Reports & Dashboards Help You Make the Most of Your Claims Data

Our newest module helps you both to identify big-picture trends and to drill down into your claims data. Here’s what you need to know.

Five Sigma July 28, 2022

Exclusive Data: A Glimpse into Claims Adjusters’ Day-to-Day Workloads

How does the work of claims adjusters vary across different lines of business? Five Sigma’s new findings shed light on this and other important questions.

Five Sigma June 16, 2022

4 Steps to Transform Every Claims Adjuster into a Top Performer

By using data-driven claims intelligence effectively, today’s insurance companies can empower any claims adjuster to excel.

Five Sigma June 3, 2022

Three Data-Backed Reasons Why Car Insurers Should Digitize Claims Payments

We analyzed over 10k exposures that were closed in the last six months for our auto insurance customers. Here’s three data-backed reasons why insurers should go digital when it comes to auto claims payments.

Five Sigma May 10, 2022

Exclusive Data: It Takes 21 Communications to Resolve a Typical Auto Insurance Claim

How many communications must an adjuster deal with when processing a claim? Here’s what we recently found by analyzing hundreds of thousands of communications.

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