Claims Intelligence Dashboards & Reporting for Instant Insights

Claims leaders get complete visibility into operational KPIs and financial trends to make the best strategic decisions for your organization.

A Single Source of Truth for All Your Claims Data

Claims intelligence and analytics powerful enough for an analyst, but accessible enough for all.

Tell data stories for insights to any claims-related question

Our embedded reports and dashboards gives the spark your data needs to become problem-solving narratives, from directly within the Five Sigma claims management solution.

Keep track of your KPIs

Flexible dashboards bring multiple reports onto a single canvas to help everyone hone in on the metrics that matter. Our operational and financial dashboards let you recognize relationships and patterns, helping you transform your claims data into meaningful information to move your business forward.

Your building blocks for great
data exploration

Reports are the building blocks you need for data exploration, collaborative analysis, and impactful decision-making. All our reports are exportable as Excel, CSV, or PDF files so you can use the data to do further analysis or upload to other systems.

Looking for Even More Reporting Power?

Our Resilience Dashboards Package provides six additional dashboards,
packed full of reports designed to help our customers:

Identify business inefficiencies and bottlenecks

Optimize adjusters work

Improve time to resolution

Reduce claims leakage

Go live in weeks with the state of the art claims management platform.