API and Plug & Play Integrations

Our platform easily connects to all your other insurance systems, so that you get a unified claims experience without switching apps.

Leverage the Power of APIs to Scale Your Success

With our robust API framework, you can leverage your entire insurance ecosystem to reduce LAE, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Expand the Usefulness of Automation with APIs

A largely automated claims management solution can streamline key processes and empower claims adjusters to optimize their performance. However, providing those benefits doesn’t require a claims system to take care of all key digital processes related to claims management. Working well with other digital technologies is critical to making a CMS user-friendly, flexible, and efficient.

APIs and integrations are particularly important to a CMS because of the complexity of the claims ecosystem.

Managing claims often involves various steps requiring information from policyholders, service providers, different internal departments, and other sources.

It also consists of providing information to all stakeholders and complying with reporting requirements.

By offering APIs and integrations with valuable third-party services, a CMS can streamline the collection, analysis, and supply of information – allowing insurers to expand their use of automation. This way, they can reduce their claim cycle times, improve their efficiency, cut costs, and deliver a more convenient customer experience.

Robust APIs for Modern Claims Management

Join the success story of businesses within our industry ecosystem. Five Sigma’s API-connected framework offers seamless integration with your existing tools and systems. We’ve demonstrated success through built-in integrations that enable you to leverage our platform’s full potential. This interconnected approach empowers your business with the tools you need to thrive in today’s complex business environment.


Automatically pull data from any FNOL app or website, allowing insurers to let their policyholders file a claim via any digital channel

Policy APIs

Integrate with any policy admin software to automatically pull policy holder information, allowing for quick and easy coverage verification

FNOL Claims

Automatically retrieve relevant claim, exposure, or policy data in order to process a claim

Vendor APIs

Automatically assign claims to third-party service providers and get status updates

Payments APIs

Automate payment processing and make payments using any payment method

Key Benefits of APIs

Frequently Asked Questions on our API Framework

Why are APIs such a critical part of Five Sigma’s claims management technology?

APIs are a critical part of Five Sigma’s technology because they facilitate easy integration with other technologies and various external systems and services (such as policy administration systems, payment gateways, CRM software, and more).
This capability allows the platform to swiftly adapt to evolving industry standards and emerging technologies without necessitating major revisions to the core system. Moreover, APIs empower developers to create new applications, services, and integrations on top of Five Sigma’s existing infrastructure. This fosters a dynamic ecosystem of innovation, significantly extending the system’s capabilities.

Five Sigma’s platform enhances claims management through its robust integrations with key third-party systems. It seamlessly connects with major policy administration systems (PAS) for syncing claims data with policyholder records, streamlining the resolution process. 

Additionally, the platform integrates with various payment gateways to automate settlements, ensuring timely and secure transactions. It also links with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, helping insurers maintain comprehensive customer interactions and enhance service delivery. These integrations allow insurers to leverage existing technologies effectively, boosting efficiency and improving user experiences.

Five Sigma’s APIs play a pivotal role in reducing Loss Adjustment Expenses (LAE) by streamlining the claims management process and enhancing operational efficiencies. By enabling seamless integrations with various external systems and tools, such as policy administration systems, payment gateways, and CRM platforms, these APIs ensure that data flows effortlessly and accurately across the claims ecosystem. API integration minimizes manual data entry, reduces the likelihood of errors, and accelerates the claims resolution process. 

Furthermore, the ability to connect with advanced analytics tools via APIs allows insurers to leverage data-driven insights to make more accurate assessments and decisions quickly. These improvements lead to faster claim settlements, fewer rework needs, and ultimately lower operational costs associated with managing claims—key factors in reducing overall LAE.