Just Launched: 2 APIs for Integrating Our Tech with Policy and Payment Platforms

We are excited to announce that we have launched two new REST APIs, adding a new layer to our focus on making claims management seamless, efficient, reliable, and fast.

One of the APIs types (application programming interfaces) offers deep integration with platforms for managing auto insurance policies, so that it can automatically import relevant policy information whenever a claim is filed. The second API integrates with payment solutions – simplifying not only the process of disbursing payments following the resolution of claims, but also the process of keeping track of payments that have been made.

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By allowing for simple integration with third-party policy and payment platforms, the new APIs make it easier and more efficient for insurers to create automated workflows incorporating policy management, claims management, and digital payments.

This way, insurers can enjoy all the benefits of our data-focused claims management solution (CMS), accelerate their resolution of claims, and offer their customers a top-notch claims experience – while enjoying the convenience, simplicity, and reduced time to market of an API.

How the new APIs make the Five Sigma claims management solution even more versatile

APIs are an essential piece of what makes SaaS applications so agile, flexible, and efficient. That’s why they are a key tool for us at Five Sigma in our mission of simplifying claims processing.

By streamlining communication between our CMS and third-party platforms, our APIs enable our customers to seamlessly combine the benefits of our data-focused approach to claims management with the functionalities of a wide variety of other solutions. With the launch of our two newest APIs, these companies can now facilitate the sharing of claims data between our claims management solution and third-party services. Not only will this enhance their ability to make data-driven decisions, but it will also help them increase the efficiency of their claim-related processes.

With the launch of our two newest APIs, our data-focused, intelligent claims management solution has now gained a new level of robustness. By providing claims intelligence including just-in-time guidance, our CMS empowers claims adjusters to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall quality of their work – helping even inexperienced adjusters perform like their most successful peers. With features such as our built-in omnichannel communication module, our platform helps adjusters by automatically documenting key steps they take. Meanwhile, because our intuitive solution is built from the ground up to reflect the way claims management and resolution actually work, claims adjusters can start benefiting from its capabilities with minimal need for training.

And, now that our two newest APIs are live, companies have an easier way to streamline their ways of managing claims than ever before: Not only can they use claims data to help their adjusters make well-informed decisions quickly, but they can also empower those adjusters to build automated workflows integrating claims management with the key functions of policy management and digital payments.

For more on our two newest APIs and what they offer our customers, check out our press release.

Five Sigma - AI-Native Claims Management Platform

Five Sigma offers an AI-native claims management platform that streamlines every step of the claims process. With full visibility of the claim at a single place, advanced automation, and data-driven insights, Five Sigma empowers adjusters to excel, speeding up claims handling and improving policyholder satisfaction. Adjusters are freed to focus on decision-making and customer service. 

For insurers, MGAs and TPAs, Five Sigma is a risk-free solution that unlocks unprecedented benefits quickly. Insurers gain unparalleled visibility into their claims and operations. The result is a significant reduction in Loss Adjustment Expenses. Five Sigma is a future-proof platform that is always up to date for the benefit of all its customers and gives insurers the agility to handle any claim faster, add new Lines of Business in less than a day, and accommodate new business models easily, enabling you to adapt swiftly to market changes ahead of the competition.

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