22 March 2023

Five Sigma’s Robust API Framework Enhances Connectivity Across the Insurance Ecosystem

The modern, comprehensive API framework allows insurers to seamlessly integrate and share data with service providers along the claims lifecycle.

New York, NY, U.S., March 22, 2023 /  Five Sigma, an emerging leader in SaaS insurance claims management solutions (CMS), has announced the launch of its robust API framework for property & casualty insurance companies. The framework is built on a modern SaaS architecture that caters to insurers’ needs for rapid innovation in an increasingly competitive insurance landscape. 

APIs offers insurers a powerful tool for optimizing claims management processes, improving risk assessment capabilities, providing a superior customer experience, and driving business growth:

  • Reduce Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE): APIs and webhooks help insurers reduce claims cycle time by streamlining processes and improving efficiency. 
  • Improve Risk Assessment: APIs enable insurers to access policy and claims data in real-time, allowing more accurate and intelligent risk evaluations. This can lead to reduced claim settlement time for insured parties.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: APIs provide claimants with a convenient, and personalized experience, allowing them to submit and access their claims using their preferred digital channels. 
  • Drive Business Growth: By leveraging API-enabled partnerships, forward -thinking claims organizations can tap into new opportunities, enhance their services, and drive growth.

Five Sigma’s API framework includes the following APIs and webhooks to help insurers connect with their partners and customers along the entire claims lifecycle:

  • FNOL APIs: Automatically pull data from any FNOL app or website, allowing insurers to offer any digital channel for their policyholders to file a claim.
  • Policy APIs: Integrate with any Policy Admin to pull policy holder information, for quick and easy coverage verification.
  • Claims APIs: Quick retrieval of claim, exposure, or policy data needed for the ongoing management of the claims.  This information can be used to push information to customer facing portals and/or build automations such as smart connections with third-party integrations and claims ecosystem partners.
  • Vendor APIs: Assign claims to third-party service providers and get status updates.
  • Payments APIs: Automate payment processing and make payments using any payment method and/or digital payments provider.
  • Data export: Export claims data to analytics and BI systems for added data exploration, collaborative analysis, and impactful decision-making. 
  • Webhooks: Automatically send/receive notifications on changes that occur in real-time during the claim process, such as new claims created, new assignments, status updates, and more.

According to Oded Barak, co-founder and CEO of Five Sigma, “Our advanced API framework is a part of our strategy to deliver innovative solutions that help our customers navigate the changing landscape of the insurance industry and achieve their business objectives. We believe our API framework empowers insurers to accelerate their digital transformation journey, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.”

About Five Sigma

Five Sigma is a cloud-native, SaaS claims management solution (CMS) designed specifically for property/casualty insurance companies. Our data-driven platform leverages advanced data modeling to drive operational efficiency and business excellence. Five Sigma’s end-to-end solution optimizes claims processing with intelligent automation, provides data-driven recommendations to enhance adjuster decision-making, and delivers valuable insights to inform business strategies. 

With Five Sigma, insurance carriers, insurtechs, TPAs and self-insured companies can modernize their claims management, reduce claims losses, ensure compliance and provide an exceptional customer experience. For more information visit:

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