Introducing Our New No-Code Notifications Builder

Five Sigma’s solution is the only CMS on the market that lets users create, manage, and view all system notifications with no need for coding.

We are happy to announce our new notifications builder!  Our latest feature enables claims managers to easily build, view, and manage workflows for notifications directly through our management console. The new notifications builder is unique among today’s claims technology in that it enables users to configure and manage their claims management solution (CMS) notifications through an intuitive point-and-click interface, with no need for code.

Because of the simplicity of the notifications builder’s interface, even less technical-savvy users have the flexibility of building their own notification workflows. Without depending on IT or development resources, they can design workflows that meet their needs—empowering our customers to boost their operational efficiency.

What does the notifications builder let you do?

The notifications builder gives your company’s CMS admins the freedom to build custom notifications for your claims team as well as manage default notifications. Specifically, they can set rules that our CMS will automatically use to handle notifications based on factors including their context, terms, timing, audience, and more.

In addition to sending notifications in real time, the notifications builder makes it easy to search and view past notifications, which are stored in the Five Sigma CMS. Users can filter and search for these notifications based on criteria such as text strings, sub-orgs, lines of business (LOB), entities, incident types, recipient types, and others.

Perhaps most importantly, the notifications builder adds a new layer to the user-friendliness of our intelligent CMS.

By making it easy for claims adjusters and other insurance professionals to make the most of claims data, our innovative CMS empowers them to boost both their efficiency and their accuracy. Our emphasis on data-driven claims intelligence, including just-in-time guidance and recommended next steps, helps insurance companies make sure every claims adjuster has the tools they need to optimize their job performance. And now, our new notifications builder takes that focus on making data accessible and useful up a level—helping our customers make sure every employee has convenient access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

For more on how Five Sigma’s new notifications builder empowers claims teams and other insurance professionals, check out our press release.



Michael Krikheli Co-founder and CTO, Five Sigma
Michael Krikheli is the co-founder and CTO at Five Sigma. He comes from a technological background in the Prime Minister's office with experience in leading projects and teams to solve operational problems using technology. Michael holds Master's Degree in the field of Machine Learning Algorithms Analysis. He has a passion for yoga.
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