Brandon H. Littles Joins Five Sigma as Global Solutions Expert


We are thrilled to announce that Brandon Littles has joined Five Sigma as our new Global Solutions Expert. With nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry, Brandon brings a wealth of insurance and claims knowledge and expertise, as well as a proven track record of innovation. His deep understanding of the insurance industry, claims leadership experience, and passion for technology, make him an invaluable addition to the Five Sigma team.


We sat with Brandon for an interview, to learn about his impressive career journey, his insights on claims management, and his vision for driving the future of insurance claims at Five Sigma.

Brandon Littles’ Bio

Brandon Littles is a seasoned insurance professional with nearly two decades of experience in the industry. Before joining as the Global Solutions Expert at Five Sigma, Brandon was the Head of Claims (US) at INSHUR, where he built a technologically advanced claims team and significantly improved operational efficiency. Previously, Brandon spent 13 years at Amica Mutual Insurance, where he rose through the ranks to become a Branch Manager, overseeing claims operations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Q: Hi Brandon, to kick off, we’d love to hear what motivated you to join Five Sigma as a Global Solutions Expert?

“For the last 5 years, I worked at INSHUR, a fast-growing Insurtech company that modernizes the commercial insurance sector by providing digital, mobile-friendly, and scalable insurance solutions. INSHUR offers rideshare and delivery drivers the ability to obtain quotes and receive coverage in minutes, with operations expanding across Europe and the United States.

In my last role at INSHUR U.S., I was the Head of Claims. After five years, I completed what I set out to do: I built a technologically advanced claims operation from scratch. After this operation was set and successful, I felt ready to move on to another challenge. 

I was always interested in technology and specifically in insurance technology (Insurtech) and that’s why I chose Five Sigma as my next adventure. I knew Five Sigma inside out as a customer – Five Sigma powers INSHUR’s claims operations as its Claims Management Platform.

I noticed, over the years, that Five Sigma is always one step ahead of the game. The company really has the best minds working tirelessly to reimagine insurance claims – to enhance its CMS platform, to improve customer experience, and to find solutions to customers’ evolving challenges. Five Sigma is very tech-driven and focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technologies to improve the claim management experience.

As a Global Solutions Expert at Five Sigma, my job is to help Carriers, MGAs and TPAs find the best and most precise solutions to elevate their claims operations to the next level.“

Q: What new perspectives do you bring to Five Sigma?

“I’ve been on the other side of the industry and understand the pain points that claims leaders face. This empathy allows me to relate to their issues and offer solutions that genuinely address their needs. My experience across various roles and companies — carriers, MGAs and startups — makes me versatile and well-equipped to handle diverse challenges.”

Q: As Head of Claims at INSHUR, why did you choose Five Sigma’s claims management platform?

“When we were scouting for solutions, we reviewed all major claims management systems. The Five Sigma demo stood out and resonated with me more than any other competitor. 

Five Sigma’s cloud-based platform was ready to implement quickly and efficiently. The comprehensive dashboards were user-friendly and allowed for rapid claim handling and the extensive APIs allowed for easy and quick connections with vendors. Five Sigma also has an embedded omnichannel communication hub that makes for a huge advantage. Having all communications in one convenient, searchable location is priceless. The Five Sigma platform was just so intuitive and easy to use.”

Q: Can you tell us a little about how you got into the insurance industry in the first place?

“I entered the insurance market fresh out of university. I have just finished my degree in Business Management from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and I attended a job fair, where I met Amica Mutual Insurance – my home for the next 13 years. 

At the time, the company offered perks like a company car, laptop, and remote working — which was unique and quite ahead of its time. As a young university graduate, their offer appealed to me. AMICA also offered an extensive training program, where I learned the basics and handled multi-lined claims for cars and homes. Part of being a claims adjuster means you have to investigate filed claims, kind of like a detective. I remember that during one investigation of a house fire, I suspected arson. I played detective and with the help of a fire specialist found several inconsistencies that pointed towards deliberate foul play. It was a challenging yet enlightening experience that underscored the importance of detailed, methodical investigations.

After about 4 years of working as a Claims Adjuster, I was promoted to Claims Supervisor, and then Assistant Branch Manager, and finally I became a Branch Manager. Each role took me on a different journey in a different city, so I ended up living in many places, working with various lines of business, and interacting with diverse communities. 

That is also what helped me mitigate the burnout that is often associated with claims management.

After 13 years at AMICA, I joined INSHUR, a startup providing insurance for Uber drivers in New York, which was a transformative experience. I built a claims team from scratch and implemented modern technology. We digitized and expedited processes that traditionally took weeks, demonstrating the power of innovation in the industry.”

Q: How do you envision the future of claims management?

“Embedding AI in insurance is the future of both insurance and claims. Five Sigma’s platform is the “Tesla” of claims – it’s an absolute innovator in AI and claims management, making claims a smooth and enjoyable ride. 

Just like you can turn Auto-Pilot mode on your Tesla, implementing Five Sigma’s AI-Native platform in your claims operations is a whole new experience. Five Sigma’s AI feature feels like there’s someone helping you out and you’re just here to enjoy the ride. AI analyzes claims data and helps adjusters make data-driven choices quickly and accurately. 

There’s great satisfaction in knowing you provided an excellent claim resolution, especially if you’ve managed to do it quickly. 

Five Sigma is constantly innovating in AI and it’s about to change how the industry works. I am glad to be a part of this upcoming change.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in the insurance and claims industry?

“I think Insurance is very important and essential to society and to the economy. Insurance allows people to own homes, drive cars, and start businesses with the peace of mind that someone has their backs. When handling claims, you’re helping people in their times of need and I find it incredibly fulfilling to contribute to this crucial aspect of people’s lives.”

Q: Can you share some tips for those looking to excel in claims management?

“Don’t be afraid to learn and try new things. Learn about different lines of business and methods of investigations. Continue to gain experience. Find ways to incorporate tech into your day job because technology is constantly changing the insurance industry and every job role, including yours!”


Thank you Brandon for speaking with us and sharing your insights. We’re looking forward to building the future of insurance together at Five Sigma!

Five Sigma - AI-Native Claims Management Platform

Five Sigma offers an AI-native claims management platform that streamlines every step of the claims process. With full visibility of the claim at a single place, advanced automation, and data-driven insights, Five Sigma empowers adjusters to excel, speeding up claims handling and improving policyholder satisfaction. Adjusters are freed to focus on decision-making and customer service. 

For insurers, MGAs and TPAs, Five Sigma is a risk-free solution that unlocks unprecedented benefits quickly. Insurers gain unparalleled visibility into their claims and operations. The result is a significant reduction in Loss Adjustment Expenses. Five Sigma is a future-proof platform that is always up to date for the benefit of all its customers and gives insurers the agility to handle any claim faster, add new Lines of Business in less than a day, and accommodate new business models easily, enabling you to adapt swiftly to market changes ahead of the competition.

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