Introducing Seamless Adjuster License Management and Smart Correlation

Revamp your claims management procedures with our state-of-the-art feature enhancements designed to simplify license management and ensure precise claim allocations.

 Enhanced Adjuster License Oversight: Bid farewell to the complexities of license management! Introducing our cutting-edge adjuster license oversight repository, revolutionizing the process. Administered by your organization’s claims manager, monitoring licenses has never been more straightforward.

 Seamless Resident License Control: Enjoy unparalleled adaptability. Users can effortlessly manage a single residency license alongside unlimited non-residence licenses. Incorporate licenses individually or enhance efficiency by bulk uploading through CSV.

 Stay Ahead with Expiry Notifications: No more overlooked renewal deadlines! Our intelligent system dispatches periodic alerts before licenses expire, guaranteeing your team stays perpetually informed.

 Automated License-based Allocation Logic: Effortlessly align claims with the appropriate adjusters using our automated assignment logic. Priority is given to licensed adjusters, ensuring every claim benefits from proficiency and effectiveness.

 Empowering Control Center: Managers, this feature is tailor-made for you! Gain instant access to crucial insights through our innovative dashboard. Keep track of impending license expirations and proactively maintain your team’s compliance.

 Hierarchical Assignment Protocols: Should a licensed adjuster be unavailable, our system adheres to pre-defined hierarchical rules for claim assignment, ensuring each claim reaches capable hands.

Embark on a journey into the future of streamlined claims management through our enriched features!

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