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Empower Adjusters to Amplify Productivity, Accuracy, and Customer Satisfaction

The insurance industry is grappling with escalating customer demands. Claim executives face the daunthing task of boosting operation efficiency while relying on outdated legacy systems and manual processes. This results in escalating complexity and costs, leaving adjusters overwhelmed, and customers disappointed.

Five Sigma changes your reality for the better.

It’s Time to Streamline Your Claims Management

Designed by claims professionals and technology experts, Five Sigma offers an AI-native, SaaS claims management platform that streamlines every step of the claims process.

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Experience immediate improvements to your claim management process.

Improvement in Time to First Contact

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Reducing Average Cycle Time by

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Improving Time to Settlement by

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Reducing Claims Processing Costs by

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Too good to be true? Just ask our customers...

Join Forward-Thinking Insurers, MGAs, and TPAs

"Five Sigma's intuitive platform was a game-changer for us, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We get real-time visibility for adjusters to manage claims efficiently and effectively."
— SVP Head of Claims, Xceedance
"Implementing Five Sigma allowed us to slash our unit claims cost by 35%, marking a monumental improvement in our operations. With Five Sigma’s team’s flexibility and commitment, it’s a great match at every level."
— CEO, Qover

Equip Your Adjusters with a Powerful Tool and Claim Resolution Super-Powers

Happy Customers

Improve Adjuster Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Five Sigma equips your adjusters with AI-native insights and advanced automation at every step, freeing them to focus on decision-making and customer interaction. This motivates adjusters and improves policyholder experience.

Omnichannel Connectivity

Get Unrivaled Visibility and Control with the Most Intuitive Interface

Adjusters view and understand every claim and next steps in seconds on a single platform. You gain unparalleled insights into your claims operations on dynamic dashboards. Make data-driven decisions on claims strategy and operations, like never before.

Data Integrations

Streamline Communications and Operations to Reduce Costs

Five Sigma centralizes all claimant and vendor communications - chat, texts, calls, and mails - in one place. Expedite claim resolution by over 60%, reduce processing costs, and decrease Loss Adjustment Expenses (LAE) considerably.

Security & Compliance

Commitment to Compliance and Security

Five Sigma’s secure data management and compliance practices let you navigate the regulatory landscape with ease. Adapt quickly to changes and issue reports for audits with a few clicks. Imagine no more compliance burden.

Plug&Play Integrations

Rapid Deployment
and Easy Integration

Five Sigma has plug & play integrations with insurance systems that simply work. Full deployment takes weeks, not years. You’d experience a risk-free transition and immediate improvement with no downtime.

Future-Proof Your
Claims Management

Benefit from continuous updates and new features without additional costs or downtime. Accommodate new business models and new lines of business swiftly. Everything is configurable.

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